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Corsa B eternal Oil light issue

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Corsa B eternal Oil light issue

    Howdy, not been on in a while as my Corsa is now just my work run around and has been put back on steels with standard bits and bobs for the daily grind, because i bought an STi WAGON!!!! such b00st.

    Anyway i have replaced the corsa's coolant and oil as there was very little left, car was still running bang on just very tappety and the oil light wouldnt **** off, having topped them up i find that the car is now very damp on acceleration and the oil light is still on at low revs...

    Any suggestions, i will be checking the oil level when home and topping up if need be, pressure sensor is fine as that has only just been replaced, im hoping its just gasping for more oil but i couldnt put my finger on the poor acceleration, only a 1.0L but i can usually break traction from a stand still
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