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1.4 16v brakes on 1.2 8v converstion

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] 1.4 16v brakes on 1.2 8v converstion

    Ok first off this wasn't originally something I was going to do. My last corsa was a 1.4 16v, the brakes were going on it so i bought new rotors/pads but never got to put them on. I currently own a 1.2 8v and still have the rotors/pads lying around as I haven't sold them yet.

    Main question is, what else would be needed if i wanted to slap them on my 1.2(mainly out of just to use them up) Would i just have to get some 1.4/1.6 calipers and just swap it all over or would i have to mess with the master cylinder because of the bigger(sorta) brakes.

    if its to complicated i'll just put them back up online to sell, but if its just a caliper that i can get at scrap for cheap them hell why not, ya know?

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    Just the calipers.


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      i figured, thanks. wasn't sure if lines or anything were different.