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temperature varying a lot... making me dizzy

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] temperature varying a lot... making me dizzy

    My 2004 corsa temp gauge has started going from low (85) to high (100) and back again over a period of about 2-3 minutes continually. This happens on my 30 min motorway drive and at the same time the air blow goes from cold to barely warm even when set on high temp. Any ideas guys?

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    If you're getting cold or barely warm air then you have an airlock in the cooling system and/or heater matrix (heater core). If the car has been leaking coolant then you must sort that out first, but otherwise if the car hasn't been leaking (or is fixed) then you can drain and refill with coolant to remove the airlock.

    There is no drain valve on the radiator, so you must pull the lower radiator hose off to drain the system. Then plug the hose back, and very, very slowly (at a trickle) pour coolant back into the reservoir. If you fill it too fast, then it gets airlocked again and you get the same problem. Once the reservoir is filled to the halfway mark, leave the cap off, put the heater on full heat, start the engine and let the engine warm up. At some point you may need to add a bit more coolant. If the engine gets to the red mark, shut the engine off. Then put the cap back on and take the car for a drive. I've found that going around some left and right turns and switching the heat on and off a few times whilst driving gets the last of the air out of the system. Then pull over, shut the car down and check if you need to add more coolant. Be extremely careful when opening the coolant reservoir when its still hot - wear a thick glove or use a large rag and open it slowly so that you don't scald yourself.


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      Thanks a lot for the comprehensive reply. Yes i have done a bit of topping up recently. Tonight i didn't get the problem, he only difference was that the heater was on cold and he blower off, so maybe the air lock is in the matrix