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Corsa 1.5 TD catalyst

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Corsa 1.5 TD catalyst

    I never bothered my self with decat, my car is fine and I don't touch fine, I leave fine. But a sudden glance from under the car shows that my car has no catalyst?

    Am I right? The cat should be in the middle of the car, where instead, now, I have a straight pipe?

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    Is it not between the exhaust manifold and the down pipe, as in the petrol engine?



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      Yep, your car deffo has no cat. Mines had a cat on it to begin with and it was up beside the downpipe.


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        Thanks Hardcore.

        That means that I have 2 more hp now, a total of 68, no wonder it is so fast

        Back to the subject, the engine feels noisy between 1000-1500rpm, the typical rpm range I like to use while cruzing down town. Is this caused by the decat, or is it just the nature of the engine?


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          It's hard for me to say. Mines had a modded airbox and straight through exhaust for ages so can't remember how it sounded standard.
          It deffo wasn't anywhere near as refined or smooth as a common rail or PD injection.
          Are you using 10/40 semi synthetic in it?
          They don't have self adjusting valve clearances so every now and then they need "shimmed". If they're left too long the valves don't close properly and you can lose some power / mpg and potentially noisy as the diesel won't be igniting properly.


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            I use 5w-40 synthetic which I change at 4000 miles. Oh, I find this little engine very refined, you just have to keep it over 1500rpm. It produces almost no vibrations.