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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] corsa new shape high mileage

    hi,not sure if ive put this in the correct thread. my son is after a corsa 1.2 for his first car,hes 17. hes found one he really likes but the mileage is 128k its a 06 plate new shape or it could be 56 plate,anyway is this mileage to high for the car or is it ok?

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    Difficult too say really,that is quite high mileage for one of those little engines,and how that mileage was built up,plus what service history it has.If it was me I would expect to see a good full service history.In fact I would never buy a little 1.2 corsa unless it had a good full service history.


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      As above, make sure plenty it service history and if it's had any major parts changed and if I was you I would get the 1.4 over the 1.2 A's the 1.2s are so slow (I know he doesn't need a fast car or anything just the 1.4 would be a bit safer imo)


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          It depends on the service history. The 1.2 in a D is underpowered, but he needs cheap insurance. If it's mainly motorway miles then 128k isn't a problem. But if used round town then the engine will have worked hard. With regular servicing modern engines can do vast miles. The weak spots on the 1.2 is the timing chain and the timing cover gasket behind the water pump.

          Look for regular oil changes, routine coolant changes and brake fluid changes. If all have been kept up to date it ought to be OK (though you don't want to pay over the odds). If no evidence of thorough servicing then avoid.
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              I service my own but also keep paperwork and right down more details about the work done than a stamp from the dealers. However when some people say they have serviced it them selfs they are lying but that same rule works for people who just get a mate to stamp the book eventhough the bonnet hasn't been opened.

              Could I ask what site(s) your using to look for these cars?

              As the newer corsa's now from 2006 to 2010 are a seal on price and even plenty have very low mileage