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Constant squeaking from Near side and warning light on after changing exhaust.

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Constant squeaking from Near side and warning light on after changing exhaust.


    Can anyone help, over the past few weeks i have a constant squeek from my near side front wheels (apart from turning the radio up to drown it out what can i do?

    Also i have change my exhaust from manifold to back box with a non vauxhall part, ever since then the engine management light has been on does anyone know what this is and how i remedy?


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    The squeak from the wheel is most likely the brake pad sticking slightly. Try removing the pads and cleaning the pads and carriers, use a small amount of copper assembly compound on the pads where they slide in the carrier. Make sure the backplate isn't bent and touching the disc.

    Re. the EML - read the codes using the pedal test. If the back box is not the right specification is may be causing the O2 system be out of parameter. (It is best to clear the codes and then check them with a reader, but if you don't have one then the pedal test will tell you what codes are present - just bear in mind they may be old codes stored in the system.)
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      Thank you, i will do the brake pad thing. I only had them done around 8 month since.

      May sounds dumb but how do you do the "pedal test"?


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        Foot on the brake and the accellerator pedal
        Key into the ignition and turn to position 2 (dash lights up but do not start the engine)
        any stored error codes will be displayed as ECN Numbers in the tacho display.
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          Cheers Guys will try that and see what comes up, I think because i didnt fit a vauxhall part I have to change the O2 sensor but lets see


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            Quick update........did the pedal test and literally nothing comes up (now i am confused LOL)

            any other ideas before i have to get ripped off by a garage?


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              There's no sensors in the OEM piping is there, that possibly aren't on the replacement?

              I know that when my mate had his HKS exhaust on his EP3 there was nowhere for the Lambda sensor (im sure thats what it was)

              Or something like that?

              OR, is there any leaks from a re-used gasket on the new pipework?
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                What Michael says ^ your original exhaust would have had two O2 sensors, one on the exhaust manifold and one in the pipe after the cat. Check they are both present and connected, make sure there's no damage to the wiring. (If the exhaust was fitted by a garage take it back to them.)

                Reread your first post - I thought it was just the back box you'd changed. If it's the whole system then any leak can draw in air which will throw the O2 sensor.

                If the EML is on there will be fault codes present, so either you aren't doing the test right, or it's not the EML that's on, or you've got a secondary issue which isn't related to the exhaust.
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                  Thank you i will check......

                  No as in my original post i have changed the pipe from manifold to back box (not the back box itself) I will check. I heard something about swapping the sensors around?