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HELP!!! changing exhaust....

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] HELP!!! changing exhaust....

    Hi guys,
    Right yesterday checking over my car and found hole in centre box on exhaust, got the new one all fine except as normal( probably) bolts were seized and i snapped 1?? So decided to soak them in lube to try and free the remaining 2, still not budging and dont want too force them. Is taking it to a garage and getting them heated my only option or is there any other way i can try?

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    Soak them for as long as possible, over night would be best and a garage will be able to get them off no problem but you can save money just by buying some more clamps, usually a quid a clamp and just cut the old bolts off and save yourself some knuckle skin lol


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      If you are on about the u bolts then just snap them all. Go and buy new ones. They are a pain in the arse anyway.


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        Tbh just cut them off which ever ones they are and just replace the bolts