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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] corsa b clutch change

    Hi, im new to the forum, ive recently bought a 1998 1.4 8v corsa capital. the clutch needs replacing, i have the clutch kit and i have been told that i can change the clutch through an inspection plate. i have a guide how to do it (end plate off, main shaft out ect) but my question is, where would the inspection plate be? ive found one in between the engine and gearbox next to the oil sump. i believe it shows the back of the flywheel. is this the right plate? if not, could someone please advise me where it is? thanks in advance

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    not great but this is a picture of the plate I've found


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      The inspection plate is on the bellhousing if fitted. Not all 8v models have them depending on the engine/gearbox and type of clutch fitted. If it's there it will be pretty obvious, 4 bolts and it lets you access the clutch plate.
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        Guessing its not the one in the picture then?