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corsa b 1.2 auto swap

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] corsa b 1.2 auto swap

    hoping somone can shed some light on a problem im having i picked a 1.2 16v 4dr corsa b up there last week engine was shot and had an auto box now ive ripped the 1.2 out along with the auto box along with the auto wiring selctor and other crap that was there and am planning a engine conversion to put an x16xe from a corsa b sport or gsi

    now my first problem can i retain the eps setup ive been told i can by running a different tensioner from a early x141xe the tensioner isnt part of the engine mount and neither does the powersteering hang from it but can i still use the mount with all the bits pulled off it

    second problem how do i get round the engine wiring ive two big plugs that were in the engine bay plugged into a big flat silver thing just above the egr valve do i need to undo the black cable tidy and bring them all back into the car into the footwell.

    next what do i do about fuel pump do i just get a x16xe pump and swap it around from my 1.2 16v and put it back into the tank and use the 1.2 sender unit

    and dash wiring is this all ok and can remain in place as it is

    all help appreciated