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Cutting out when gets up to temperature.

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Cutting out when gets up to temperature.

    2000 Corsa club 1.2 16v x12xe.

    It is my sister's car, it cut out on her on friday coming back from her workplace.

    After that I could not get it to start. It cranked and cranked for eternity, I pressed the pedal nothing would start it. Fortunately she had only broke down 100 metres from the house so I pushed the car back in the drive.

    After half an hour I went out and it started again only for me to take it out of the drive and it coughed spluttered and died. So I started researching the internet.

    Now I have been reading on the internet which suggests it could be the crankshaft sensor or the coolant temperature sensor.

    I have the haynes manual which says it could be the problem with the fuel injection system Chapter 4a. But that list is eternal.

    So yesterday I started the car and it ran fine for twenty minutes, untill the temperature needle started moving and as soon as it was between the 90-100 mark it started coughing and died soon.

    I bought a obd diagnostic scanner but the bugger is giving linking error, leading me to believe that it is not compatible (links up fine to the vw that we have). May need an OpCom device/cable thingy ??

    I am very tempted to go out and get the crank sensor from eurocarparts and replace it to see if it cuts out again.

    But I am not particularly sure if that is the right approach.

    Last resort is the garage as she needs her car for transport. The only reason I have not taken the car their is that garages charge fortune these days to diagnose and replace a small sensor.

    Any suggestions ? I am in South Manchester btw.

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    Both of those suggestions are possibilities, personally I'd start with coolant temperature sensor. Not only is it much cheaper, even if doesn't help your problem it will improve your mpg anyway


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      This is before it was up to temperature running fine.

      This is when it is about to get to temperature and cut out in a few seconds.

      This is what is happening after it cuts out and I try to start it.


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        If the crankshaft sensor fails then it cuts off the fuel pump relay - so no fuel flow. It won't start at all.

        If the coolant temp sensor fails the ECU thinks the engine is cold so it overfuels. It won't start unless you floor the throttle.

        So you can check the difference by checking for fuel in the cylinders - eg remove spark plug after cranking, sniff the exhaust, press the pressure valve on the fuel rail. No fuel means crankshaft sensor, fuel present meant coolant temp. sensor.

        On the video it looks like you are flooring the throttle on cranking so it's probably the crankshaft sensor.
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          I think that is the coolant temperature sensor.

          @ Vegas. I think the mpg is the least of her worries right now as she basically cannot drive the car for more than 15 minutes.

          But as it could be one of the problems I could replace it to see if it solves the issue.


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                The crank sensor is behind the engine and you really need to get at it from underneath. If you look at the offside driveshaft you'll find the crank sensor at the inboard end of it. A single bolt holds it in place. When removing the old one make sure the rubber O ring comes out with it. Sometimes they stick in there and when you fit the new sensor the two O rings make the sensor sit too far off the crank.
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                  Thanks for both of your advice I will try the crank sensor first as it is harder to reach and will take a little bit of an effort to fit.

                  If that does not work then I will try the temperature sensor.

                  If none of that works, then the car is going to the garage for diagnosis.


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                    Replaced Crank sensor. Was not as hard as I originally thought. A bit tricky but not hard.

                    Seems to have fixed the issue. Car been running for about twenty minutes. Fan has come on twice but it hasn't died yet.


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                      Thanks Taurus


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                        Well done that man
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                          Yes, that man has given plenty of advice on several other corsa forums. I am sure it is very much appreciated.

                          I could have just went and bought the sensor and not posted here. Would have been the same result. But now it is on the internet and someone else might benefit from reading this thread in the future. Plus I figured out that obd tool wont work on the 2000 corsa b and neither does the paperclip or the pedal trick.

                          I read the troubleshooting section in the haynes which had 5 spanners next to the fuel injection system errors. But it is not a difficult problem to fix.

                          What I would say is that it is very difficult to fit a reverse torx socket on the bolt as there is no space, just would not sit on the bolt properly.

                          I ended up using a ratchet 8mm spanner which made the job easier. It was out in seconds. The most effort it took me was when I was jacking the car. The rest was very simple. I am actually regretting not taking a picture while I was under there. But nevertheless.


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                            If you want diagnostics for those get yourself Opcom. Dirt cheap and extremely powerful.
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