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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Quickshift

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking at buying this quickshift for the corsa:

    Does anyone have any experience with how well they fit and improvements etc? I'll also buy the nylon bushes from LMF Vauxhall to go with it too.


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    It's not to hard the hardest part is getting the linkage out of the car


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      Hi Sam

      There a simple fit tbh and the throw will be far better they have come along way on from the old types you used to get I had one for my sierra had too cut the ass out of the orginal with 4 pictures as step by step which you couldn't see the pictures as toner was running out.

      And the first few times out what I thought was first was reverse how stupid do you feel when you stick your fingers up to the person behind you only to realise if the clutch was released I would of been sitting on his / her lap.

      I would trim the shaft inside the car too improves the throw a little more just with lift reverse you may have to fiddle with the shaft first.


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        The job itself is simple. However I've spent hours and hours fitting these before. This is because with nylon bushes, they don't always fit in the bracket well.
        So involves trimming bit, by bit so it's still tight but manages to fit


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          Mine fitted perfectly and made the gear change short and firm. One of the best mods I did.
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            Thank you for the info guys! I'll definitely be getting it


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              Absolute ballache to fit. But well worth it.