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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Trouble starting

    hello all,

    well i have a corsa b 1999 1.2 petal

    im having some trouble when i try to start my car, it is cracking for like 3-8 minutes before it starts but if i turn it off and try again it is 3-8 minutes again. and the reply is clicking like it is on crack fuel pump is priming. the car did start first try before replaced a few things sorting the error codes out which i don't have any error codes now.

    list of things i changed:
    • crank sensor
    • mass air sensor
    • oil sensor
    • coolant temp sensor
    • spark plugs
    • idle contral valve
    • fuel,oil,air filters
    • lambda sensor

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    That isn't a very clear post - but from what sense I can make of it I'd put the old crank sensor back in and try it.

    If the fuel pump relay ("reply?") is clicking - does that mean a continual clicking or just a single click on?
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      sorry about my post i cant spell very good so i put it in to words best i could.

      i had a cheap crank sensor in so i replaced it with a bosch one at the same time as the idle contral valve.
      the fuel pump relay is continual clicking why im cranking.

      hope this makes more sense and helps


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        Fuel pump relay shouldn't be clicking continually. You should get one click when you turn the key to ignition (before cranking) to pressurise the system, then it cuts out. Then once the crankshaft sensor picks up that the engine is cranking over it triggers the relay again, but that ought to be one single click on. It is the crankshaft sensor that tells the ECU that the engine is turning.

        I'd always start with things you've changed, if the old crankshaft relay was working OK then try replacing it. Things that commonly happen is that people remove the old sensor and leave the O-ring in the port where it locates, the new sensor doesn't then sit properly. Or you get a bit of debris on the tip of the sensor when fitting. So check that first.

        If you look at the relays there are two identical ones for the fuel pump and the injectors, try swapping them, see if the clicking moves with the relay - if so then it's a relay issue.
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          thank you taurus

          i put the old crank sensor in started first try, cleaned the new one up fixed it again 3-8 mins to start. so i think the new one is broken and i only get 1 click from the relays now with the old crank sensor in.


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            Yes - that sounds like the new crankshaft sensor is a dud. Hopefully you can get a refund on it. Always a nuisance when a new part fails.
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