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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Corsa B fault codes

    Opel Corsa B 1997. X12SZ-engine, 16-pin diagnose contact, single injector.
    New spark plugs and H.T. leads.
    EGR-valve is blanked off by using a home made gasket.

    I'm making a second attempt at this in the hope that someone knowledgeable enough may shed some light on which set of fault codes apply for my car.

    The car is jumpy sometimes, and once in a while code 43 and 47 appear.
    The problem is that different fault code lists assign different faults to some of the fault codes.
    The Topbuzz website (Topbuzz Web Site - Technical Information - ECU Fault Codes @ states that for what appears to be my car, fault code 43 translates to: "Primary ignition (distributor systems) High voltage", and fault code 47 to: "EGR-valve position".
    The only problem is that I do not have a distributor system but a coil-pack. I assume that "distributor system" means an old fashion dizzy with a rotor and a single coil and NOT a coil-pack.

    Another site translates both codes 43 and 47 to EGR valve problems.
    I also have the Haynes manual which does not mention code 43 at all.

    My question is therefore as follows: Can I safely assume that code 43 is EGR related and NOT related to the ignition system?