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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] 1.2 low power

    Hi guys, Have bought a 1.2 2007 corsa for my sons first car. I have always drove diesel so it's been a while since I drove a petrol car. What I am concerned about is the lack of power when I put my foot down when going through the gears from 1st up to 5th. Car seems really flat and needs to be worked. Is it me or are all the 1.2 engines really slow?
    any advice would be grateful. The car has done 51000 miles.

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    Depends what you compare it with.

    I drove a 400bhp Corsa b, and my work car is a 1.2 Corsa c. Keeps up with traffic easily enough.

    Unless engine management light is on, it's probably running as it should be.

    In which case, stuck with it or replace it


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      The Corsa D is a heavy car. And that engine isn't exactly modern.


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        As above, and if you're used to driving diesels then you're used to driving on their torque curve. Petrol engines have much less torque at lower rpm, so they feel weaker in comparison. The D is really too heavy for the Suzuki derived 1.2 engine, but it ought to be capable of keeping up, even if it isn't the fastest thing on the road.
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