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Stiff Suspension Problems? - How Do You Fix This?

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  • [Non Corsa] Stiff Suspension Problems? - How Do You Fix This?

    Just to start off, this isn't something i need help with or even my car.
    Just posted for some ideas as was curious.

    Seen this on Facebook with someone asking for advise on a fairly new Ibiza FR.
    They thought they needed a top mount but it looks to me like the stiff suspension has caused the strut tower to crack and then collapse.

    Does this look like the strut tower has broken to you guys?

    If this is broken, how do you normally fix stuff like that? Never seen or heard of it happening before tbh.

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    Does look strange, looks like it's been pushed up with great force and broken free


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      I had that happen once - the top of the strut came up into the bonnet and left a ding in it. The top mount had failed - well actually it turned out part of it was missing and had obviously been missing since it was installed. If that's a newish car it's possible there's been an assembly fault.
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        What car was that in Taurus?

        It's 3 years old, but it's been running really stiff aftermarket suspension the last year


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          The one I came across was a Cavalier. (I also came across one where the rear cross beam fell off on the motorway because they'd failed to tighten the bolts right. That ended up with a brand new car being given to the customer. That was a Cavalier as well.)

          If it's aftermarket suspension then you'd need to see the strut off the car to know what's happened.
          1972 Viva restoration thread -


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            That copper grease looks new - what's the betting that someone has assembled it wrongly.



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              Had this in my Laguna after hitting a pot hole. The top mount split in half and pushed the strut up into the bonnet so it never sat level again.