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43 Primary ignition (distributor systems) High voltage

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] 43 Primary ignition (distributor systems) High voltage

    Corsa B 1997 X12SZ-engine.
    The following fault code popped up today: 43 Primary ignition (distributor systems) High voltage.
    (Also I've got a fault code 47 which is the EGR-valve position, but this doesn't worry me since the EGR is blanked off.)The car is running fine, no problems,- so what exactly does fault code 43 indicate?

    I may add that I have a 16-pin diagnosis-contact.

    I've erased the fault codes and started up the car and took it for a 20-mile ride, and the check engine light never reappeared. Did the paperclip test and there was no fault codes this time.
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    First thing I'd check is the connections on the coil, make sure they are all clean with no traces of corrosion.

    You could also check the operation of the coil with a multimeter, if you've got the Haynes the procedure for testing it is listed there, with the readings you should be getting. It may have been a glitch which does happen from time to time. I'd only worry about it if it reappears.
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      Did some measuring today. There's a difference between the two secondary coils, 6.58 k versus 5.94 k, but perhaps this is due to tolerances which in this case is slightly above 1%.

      I've downloaded a few different Haynes manuals, but non of them mentions resistance values for the coil pack.

      All connectors appear to ble clean and in good working order.

      Update: Fault code 43 appeared again today, three times. Engine runs OK, but I think I felt couple of instances of very weak stumbling, but I'm not quite sure.

      Another update: After the previous ride I took the car for another ride, and went out the driveway. Got a few yards up the road and the engine jerked and stumbled badly. Turned around, and pushed in the clutch while entering the driveway and the engine stalled. Tried a restart, and the car started with no problems. No fault-codes this time, and the check engine light never appeared while the car jerked or stalled. This stalling event may have been caused by my somewhat ingenious EGR-blanking gasket made from the aluminium from a beer can. It looks OK but may have failed, but unless I can rule out or confirm ignition problems I'll never know for sure.
      And while I'm at it: -The blasted Hynes manual lists fault codes for the Multec system, and fault code No. 43 doesn't even exist in this list. In another list however, Vauxhall fault codes for GM Multec SPi says fault code 43 is an EGR fault (47 is also EGR related).

      The fault code in this thread's title says: "43 Primary Ignition (distributor systems) High Voltage", and it's taken from this site: Topbuzz Web Site - Technical Information - ECU Fault Codes @ for the following car: Corsa B & Combo 1.2i X12SZ, 1993-1997 GM Multec CFi.
      The thing is, there's no dizzy in my car, I've got a coilpack, so am I reading the wrong list on the topbuzz site?

      And the confusion continues: The topbuzz site states that the only system with a 16-pin diagnosis connector is the Simtech 56.5 system. This system also has 4-digit codes. My car has a 16-bit connector but 2-digit codes. -Nice, isn't it?
      It seems I have a job finding out which fault code list applies to my engine.

      Click image for larger version

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