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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Air con ?????

    HI All,

    Don't expect many answers on this but any info would be good !

    I'm toying with the crazy idea of trying to retro fit OEM aircon to my corsa b 1.0. - I have no idea if it was only certain models of b that had it or if it was an across the range option.

    I'm banking on the fact that vauxhall commonly use the same parts across the range and the suspected donor would be a tigra a, but that may be wrong.

    Has anyone got factory fitted aircon on their b ?

    Haynes Manual dosn't give much info

    Click image for larger version

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    Anyone know anyone kind who works @ a Vaux dealership who could get part numbers ?

    Is there a site that cross references part numbers and tells what other vauxhalls use the same parts - I did loads of stuff on honda bikes and this is really handy when searching scrapyards .

    Any help would be cool - pun intended - lol


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    My Sport had aircon, as all post 97 1.6s do.

    Retrofitting it will cost a fortune. There'll be loads of parts that are different, from switches to engine mounts. Parts alone will probably cost a lot more than the cars worth.


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      HI DAnny,

      nah its all good - I live close to a crappy breakers who still let you take bits off the cars, so what might cost a fortune elsewhere might not here - if you understand !

      Mate, tbh i'm just investigating this cause you never know a 1.6 might just come up thats mashed that I can rip apart - is the dash different to a normal b ?

      as I said any and all info welcome



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        The switch is part of the temperature control. I think the whole assembly might be different though.
        When my switch broke it took me 2 months to find a new one.

        The scrappy will be fine for relays and stuff, but I doubt you'll get compressors, condensers and engine mounts out unnoticed.
        Once you have the parts, I don't know if they'll fit your engine. If I remember correctly, aircon was a very rare option on 1.2 SXIs. Which is a much more similar engine to yours than the 1.6, so more likely to fit, but still no guarantee. And they're like rocking horse ****.


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          Just open the window


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            I would dread to think how slow a 1.0L would be when the AC clutch kicks on. I'm in a 320bhp 2.5l skyline and the aircon drain on performance is noticeable even in that.
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              Plus, the chances are it will have a leak. Not easy to fix and to get professionally revealed on the high pressure side is a lot of money. The high pressure side is something only experts can deal with as the gas isn't pleasant. The low pressure side you can get those cheap refill canisters for however they only fix 10% of the issue. And to refill something knowing the gas will leak is a criminal offence. Lovely.
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                By the time you've fitted it it will be winter.
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                  It's in my 1.4 CDX. But there is 0 point retrofitting it


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                    Cheers guys !

                    It was a thought ! lol - guess it aint happening, but i've learn't stuff, never know aircon reduced power



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                      Air con reduces power and increases fuel consumption - though on modern cars by very little. But older systems use a lot more energy, which is why when I was in Africa we could never afford to run the air con. And that's about the only place I'd ever really want it anyway.
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                        I'm gagging for air con since fitted leather seats. Need gas and condenser. You not boiling Taurus ?
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                          26 degrees today .. Happy I have half leathers not full because before I took my roof off it was boiling .. Aircon needs regassing so can't use that anyway


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                            why are you posting that here?


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                              For a laugh.