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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] starting issue

    hello all

    i have a corsa sxi 1.2 petral model 1999

    i was having problems with the idle contral valve but the car started first try of the key, so i bought a new idle contral valve fixed the problem from before but now i have the problem that it can take me like 5-10 trys to start the car from cold or after a good run. i do need to replace the mass air sensor as was getting an 02 sensor voltage low - high so i got a cheap one fixed the error but run like crap so i put the old one back on so going to buy a orginal one soon. but can that be giving me the starting problems the engine is cranking on every turn of the key.

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    A dud MAF will cause starting issues. But check the basics first, plugs, filters, etc.
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      just an update i have a new orginal MAF now car run's great now just the starting problem now. i have changed the plugs and oil filter and fuel filter and air filter to, i even changed the oil just for the hell of it. but it still has the starting problem, so im stuck on what it can be