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Suspension strut top socket??

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Suspension strut top socket??

    Hi all, I've done a few front and rear coil spring replacements of late and I was wondering if there exists a socket that handles the Allen key AND nut in one nice custom socket?

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    easiest way I found was a drop neck spanner and Allan key. I can't imagine a special socket would be possible since you want to turn opposite ways.


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      Yeah that's how I usually do it, I was hoping of a lazier solution lol


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        Some Cars you can get a ring spanner on but others you can't, you can buy a couple of different tools to make life easier but I bodge it haha

        You can buy a ratchet with a hole in the end (which allows you to put the Allen key through) and it also has a bendy neck so it fits in, I also think there is a type of socket which you attach the ratchet from the side which then leaves the hole free for the Allen key to go through

        Or you can do it my way and find a big socket, grind some flats on the outside and put some big stilsons on it haha


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          I ended up welding a lump of steel to the side of a socket - worked perfectly


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            Alternator pulley remover tools are roughly the same. A socket with space for a spanner and a hole in the middle for space for a longer torx set, Don't know of hex ones are available, I've only ever have to use torx ones.