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Spark plugs X12SZ with DIS-ignition.

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Spark plugs X12SZ with DIS-ignition.

    The NKG manufacturer's website recommends BPR5ES spark plugs for the Corsa B.
    These spark plugs have single ground electrodes and would probably suit just fine for an engine with a distributor.
    My X12SZ engine has a DIS, and from what I've gathered such an ignition system prefers spark plugs with two ground electrodes.
    The plugs that are in the engine now have two ground electrodes.
    The question is;-Would a dual electrode plug do better in these engines or will the BPR5ES be fine?

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    They'll be fine.


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      You won't notice a single difference


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        Thanks for the replies.
        Fine, I'll be using them then.


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          Multi-tip plugs only serve to make plugs work between longer service intervals. The spark will only jump to one tip, ie the closest one. As that tip wears the gap opens so the spark them jumps to a different tip. By making plugs with 2,3, or 4 tips plugs can be left in place for longer and still provide the same sparking efficiency.

          If you keep your plugs clean and properly gapped single tipped plugs are just as good as multi-tipped ones.
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