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Spark plug tubing,-removable?

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Spark plug tubing,-removable?

    Corsa B, X12ZS engine.
    I have just bought a 1997 Corsa B and the spark plugs sit inside aluminium tubes with notches on the top end.
    Are these removable? Would be nice to unscrew them when changing spark plugs as I'm terrified of the possibility of ruining the threads by not getting the plugs straight in.

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    Not sure what the ally tubes are what you mentioned, but a good tip on not cross threading is to turn the spark plug anti clockwise then you will feel it fit into place ready to be screwed in the right way

    It sounds daft but it's always worked for me


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      That tip was for refitting, when removing try to remove slowly until you feel them loosening as they should


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        Using a piece of garden hose outside the spark plugs is also possible. The plug will slip from the hose if it doesn't thread correctly, but removing the alu-tubing would be the best solution in order to avoid cross threading.


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          You can remove the tube, but if you use a decent quality plug socket that holds the plug in a rubber insert then it allows you to use an extension to reach down the tube. Do it by hand to line the plugs up and it's as easy as open access plugs. If anything, the tubes make it less likely you'll cross thread since they prevent the socket extension being put in on an angle.
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