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Smoothing Tailgate

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Smoothing Tailgate

    HI All,

    I've asked some dumb questions in the past but this may be the dumbest - we'll see !!!

    If I remove the tailgate handle assy and smooth the hole how do I get into the boot ?

    ta Al

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    You wire a boot popper in, there are some guides on here (I think) on how to do it.

    Smooth boot, fit popper then wire a switch into dash somewhere (iirc best place is those plastic blanks above the light switch, near fog light buttons)


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      HI CorsaEd


      I was getting confused as I've got a non central locking tailgate I have to unlock the lock then press the button, but I supose if you smooth the tailgate you just leave the catch in the unlocked position as no one can push the button cause there isn't one.

      sounds easy enough, is the switch latching or non latching cause I'm thinking when you energise the popper it releases the catch you open the boot - do whatever - flick the switch to deenergise the popper then close the boot - is that right ?



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        It's usually a button rather than a switch mate, my mate had one in his old b and he pressed the button and boot would pop open then then when shut the boot it was locked, until he pushed the button again

        Hope that helps


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          Also you can buy some really nice buttons from maplins for cheap


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            Cheers Corsa Ed

            Sounds like its non latching then, cool !

            Thinking I'll get the popper, button and wire in then I can get it all working before I blank hole off

            Ta Muchly



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              No probz pal, you might get a button included in a popper kit


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                Had to take handle off for a nose !

                Click image for larger version

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                Pizza box to the rescue

                Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG-20140630-00392.jpg
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                now to hunt for some sheet steel.... breakers for a really knackered body panel (cheep) me thinks


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                  Where are you based? I can get sheet metal


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                    Hi CorsaEd

                    London mate, I should be able to get a knackered panel to cut a small bit like this out of for only a couple of quid, but i'll remember for future projects - lol


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                      No worries pal


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                        Check out saab boot popper button off ebay. look the business and if you can get one uses a vauxhall connector if i remember right. Going to be one of my options when i do mine.

                        SAAB 9000 900 93 9-3 95 9-5 SE CSE AERO BOOT TAILGATE OPENING RELEASE SWITCH | eBay
                        Project log. [url][/url]


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                          HI Brink,

                          Hmmm, breakers, but no my mate just so happens to own a saab convertable - he wouldn't miss it would he ?



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                            Rather than use a "poper" could I use an OEM tailgate central locking solenoid ? - they are dirt cheep on fleabay


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                              You probably could but I think that would only unlock the boot but a popper pops the boot open a bit so you can get your hand in to open boot, if it was just unlocked you may struggle to open because boot will be smoothed

                              If that makes sense