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Camshaft cover gasket fitting!

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Camshaft cover gasket fitting!

    Hi all, fitting the new cam cover gasket on and the sprocket end doesn't seem to fit. This is usually such a trivial task on motors, don't get it lol please see the PIC. Any advice is welcome.

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    have you got the correct gasket?

    Which engine is this?


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      Yup its the correct gasket mate, I even went to auto part to get another and there's was exactly the same! Corsa b x12xe


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        whats the problem exactly?

        Will it not seat where shown?


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          Solved! OK so I get the cover gasket as part of a head kit as I've just sorted out a broken exhaust valve and head intelligence tells me that round holes don't fit square pegs so I assume its the wrong I trott to unipart to get another...I visually inspect it and its the same as the kit one! I don't purchase it so off I trott back to the man cave....ah, the bins haven't been emptied yet! I fish around and find the old gasket and low and behold its diff from the other two ones...anyway I clean and refit old one and alls well in the world again lol
          Many thanks though bud