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corsa c 1.4 sri start issue

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] corsa c 1.4 sri start issue

    hi guys i am a new corsa c owner i bought my car 2 weeks ago and have loved it but sadly i lost the key so instead of going to dealer for a key i bought an ecu , engine ecu , key with chip but no central locking buttons also the chip reader and all the lock barrels and dash clocks i have fitted all this .
    was also sent an air bag ecu and ignition switch no fitted did not think i needed too ??
    and the car turns over but will not fire up the spanner light flashes whilst cranking too so im thinking immobilizer is stopping it but why im baffled ??
    so far i have cleaned and reseated all plugs and left battery off for a while then it will fire up and die then back to cranking only no fire again .
    any help would be great thanks dave

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    A bit late to say now, but I'd have simply got a dealer to provide you with a new key programmed to the car. Cheaper and simpler to be honest.

    If the EML is flashing on cranking then yes it's the immobilizer. Why it's doing it depends on the parts you've bought and fitted. Are you sure they all match and were known to work in their original installation? Also, how long was the replacement ECU off the donor car? If they are disconnected for a lengthy period then they lose their memory and don't recognize the key as coded to them. People who have laid a car up for several months sometimes have this problem.

    Leaving the battery off won't clear the ECU of codes.

    It will fire briefly due to the priming charge of fuel when you first turn the key. But when the immobilizer cuts in it means the fuel pump doesn't run so there's no fuel pressure.
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        The instrument cluster problem is common on C models. It's the connector behind the instrument panel. You get instrument failure and then a non-starting situation.

        You can't pair a key to the car without using something like opcom, and then you need to original security code that came with the car from which the ECU was sourced. If you have that you're in business - if necessary a dealer can order a key which is correctly programmed. Without it you're pretty much in the dark I'm afraid.

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        If your key doesn't have a fob then are you sure the ECU etc are compatible with your model? I thought all Corsa C versions came with a fob, it was the earlier ones which didn't. Might be wrong about that as it's not something I bother about too much.
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