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Bilstein B4 can handle light lowering ?

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Bilstein B4 can handle light lowering ?

    Hello all,
    Sorry if I've posted this in the wrong place, just couldn't find anywhere else.

    While looking on eBay, I noticed one seller that claims that the Bilstein B4 shocks can be used with lowering springs up to 40mm.
    Anyone knows if the B4 can handle this lowering for a long time? I'm asking because I thought that the B4s are like OEM, however this seller, who sold more than 20K items on eBay and has 100% positive feedback wrote:
    "These are suitable for standard height applications and lowering up to 40mm"

    *Update: found another two websites except eBay seller who claim the same

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    Shouldn't be a problem. Standard dampers can take 40mm lowering, it will just be less comfortable than shortened ones. But if you're buying new dampers anyway and plan on lowering, then I'd buy shortened ones tbh.


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      it will just be less comfortable than shortened ones
      Even compared to a 20 years old dampers that I'm used to them ?

      The thing is, I'm looking for the look of a lowered Corsa only, and I want dampers that will be reliable for a long time and that will be cheap as possible (Considering that the car doesn't worth a lot too). I sow on eBay some TA TECHNIX and FK products (Don't know anything about them), and suddenly I realize that the bilstein B4 price is similar (however without springs) and are lower-able.
      which dampers do You suggest?