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Corsa D "Kicking" gear change when stationary

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa D "Kicking" gear change when stationary

    I have had a 2013 plate Corsa D 1.3 CDTi since new. It's the second one of this type I've owned (1st one was an 08 plate).

    From day 1 this model has exhibited a fault with the clutch/gearbox where, when stationary, when putting the box into 1st gear from neutral the car slightly "kicks", almost as though the clutch was not depressed enough (I've made sure the pedal was to the carpet). It didn't do this every time but was consistent in that, in a journey of any length, you could expect it to happen at least three times.

    At 6.5k miles I took it back to the dealer, who after keeping it for two days replaced the clutch. It's at 10K now and, although not as pronounced, I still occasionally get this kick. It's been back to the dealer who can find nothing wrong, although they suggested that if it continues to bring it back and they would go for a test drive with me to try and find out what is going wrong.

    It only does this from a neutral to 1st change and when stationary (I tried neutral to 1st whilst moving but cannot detect anything) and all other gears in any change selection combination, inc reverse (not moving!) are ok. Although I think the change is "slotty" and has never been as smooth at any of the previous cars I've driven, I don't think its a syncro issue as the gear always engages with no crunching.

    I have driven for over 20 years so know about clutch operation (in short I don't ride it) and I have tried to determine the conditions when it does kick e.g from first start-up when cold, with the clutch down, so no cogs in the box are spinning, to moving off after a run and changing back down through the whole box to get all the gears spinning prior to selecting 1st from neutral.

    The only thing I can detect is it seems to do it after a run but, as I said, it doesn't do it consistently.

    Any ideas?

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    Sounds like the clutch isn't always fully disengaging. I'd keep taking it back until they sort it out. It would also account for the poorer quality of gear change.
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      NIghtmare city.....

      I can see this from both sides - for you as the end user you know the product is faulty... for the garage, they can only find whats there when they inspect - nightmare !!!!

      you don't say how long the "journey of any length is"

      how "occasionally"

      GOOD luck with this mate, dealers pretend things are a "new" problem even when theyve seen hundreds of cars with the same fault