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leaking coolant water.

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] leaking coolant water.

    leaking coolant,am having to top up every 2 weeks,no symptoms of head gasket failure i hope,any one know how to find the leak or what it could be.its corsa c 1.0 year 2002,91.000 miles..cheers.

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    There's very little information to go on there. We can't see your car so just saying it's losing coolant doesn't help us to figure out where it's going.

    Are there any signs of external leaks? (Any drips or signs of coloured deposits on pipes / joints / radiator.)

    Is there any sign of emulsion in the oil? (A common fault on these is the timing cover gasket behind the water pump. That fails and allows coolant to leak into the oil.)

    Any sign of coolant coloured fluid dripping from the exhaust?

    Is it running hot at all - and if so when?

    What kind of driving do you mainly do (short or long journeys, urban or motorway) and how many miles do you cover in two weeks?
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      little bit of mayo gunk on oil cap,and i only really do short drives,up to 400miles every 2 weeks round town and m way.i will check pipes and radiator again,not seen any water dripping,seems like a very slow leak.and its running at normal temp .


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        Sometimes a very small leak will only open when the system is hot and under pressure, and the only sign you get is a bit of steam when it's hot and traces of deposit around the leak area. Small leaks can be hard to find. Sometimes using a torch at night will help you spot steam leaking from the engine. But as soon as it cools down the leak seals itself and you don't see any drips.

        With the mileage on it I'd suggest that if you can't find any sign of a leak then try one dose of Radweld in the system. It works quite well, just don't go adding more than one dose without flushing the coolant. Too much of it can cause the excess chemicals to clog up things like the heater matrix, and you get scum forming in the header tank.

        My brother's Combo had a very small leak that we couldn't find, with a dose of Radweld it was sorted and it ran for years afterwards with no problems.
        1972 Viva restoration thread -


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          ok thanks for that,i will give the radweld a go..cheers.