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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Rear Brake Conversion

    hi all, id like to convert the rear drums to disc on my 1.4 SR, clearly this isnt so much as a performance mod, more for a show mod, is this possible? is it difficult? and how much am i looking at it costing me?

    many thanks

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    Few hundred, been done before. Pointless mod.

    If I can run nearly 400bhp without rear caliper brakes a Corsa 1.4 certainly won't benefit from them.
    Maybe upgrade front brakes instead? That would look better and be much more beneficial
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      As Vegas says, doing a conversion has more advantage of looks over performance.

      I've just got standard rear drums on mine but bought Vectra V6 callipers, pads and discs. With them the car stops seriously well and I feel there's no need to make them any better


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        thats for the replies, yes i also do plan on upgrading the fronts to V6 brakes when i can actually source them lol, even those will be more for looks as its only a 1.4, ive already got 16V ATEs on it but want bigger shinier brakes all round, nobody wants to see drums anymore lol the sight of rear calipers on a hatchback may make people think theres something interesting under the bonnet ;-)


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          Or just paint drums black, so they don't stand out?


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            You want Cav turbo brakes, not V6.
            The turbo ones have smaller cylinders in them so you get better pedal feel.

            Rear disk brakes are a bad idea. Because there's no weight at the back, they'll lock up at every opportunity.


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              the rear drums are already painted, i guess so, well theres the weight of the mdf boot build and a couple of subs but i guess that wont be enough? lol

              tbf, i doubt the car will be going over 40mph ever again anyway, its purely show so it doesnt matter what brakes go onto it, but ill definitely look in cav turbo brakes intead, what size are they?

              thanks again


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                The turbo brakes are 284mm (V6 are 288)
                If it's purely for show, then rear disks shouldn't be an issue. Just don't expect them to make it brake any better.


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                  HI All,

                  Isnt it possible to install a decent load sensing valve to stop the backs locking up ?