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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] paper clip test codes

    Hi guys can any one help on this one ive done the paperclip test today and got these codes appear
    13 (oxygen sensor no charge in voltage/ open circuit)
    42 (amplified control signal cylinder 1 & 4 dis high voltage)
    Can anyone help with the codes at all would grateful for the answers

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    It would help to know which engine you have and which ignition system. I guess it's an 8v engine with the later DIS module rather than a distributor.

    13 - check the wiring to the O2 sensor, if that's OK then replace the sensor.
    42 - the DIS module operates a wasted spark system, ie it fires 2 cylinders at once. Sounds like one side of yours has gone down. There's no moving parts and they are usually pretty reliable, so if you've got a horrendous misfire then a replacement from a scrappies may cure it.

    But - these may be old codes stored in the ECU rather than current problems. So clear the ECU by disconnecting the battery for an hour (will work if it's an 8v engine) and then reconnect, run the engine and check again for codes.
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      Yes mate its the 8v engine i dint think the o2 sensor has ever been changed so it will be done on my payday and it did have a mis fire a few weeks ago but since putting new plugs in i aint had any more so its probably an old code like you said so i will reset the ecu after replacing the o2 sensor but might replace the dis module anyways to be on the safe side thanks for that taurus