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  • [All Models] Wheel Alignment / Tracking

    When turning almost full lock, the steering wheel pulls itself into full lock and stays there (every other car I have driven, the wheel straighten up as you accelerate in full lock)

    Also, when the steering wheel is straight, the car is pulling to the right, so to go staright, I have to compensate and have the steering wheel turned to the left constantly.

    Would this be the tracking needing to be done?

    If so, do I want 2 wheel or 4 wheel, and what are the prices?

    If it's not much difference, I would prefer to get all 4 done.

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    I'm not too familiar with focus's (focii???) but generally the rear wheels of a FWD car dont have much in the way of adjustment or alignment points. Sometimes camber, sometimes castor, but never toe. As your problems are steering related, I would just do the front 2 wheels. unless you are seeing odd wear patterns on the rear tyres? Or the rear of the car is crabbing or skipping over bumps etc? I'd just get the fronts done.
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      Cheers Dave. Any idea on cost and time? I need to got the breakers first things Saturday morning and have a model photoshoot starting at midday so dont have much time to get it done at all


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        35-65 quid depending where you go I think
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          Get a four wheel alignment check, won't cost much more than just getting the fronts done. Many fwd cars will handle weird if the rear alignment is out. Common issues are repairs at the rear that get something out of line by a tiny degree.
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              I'd go for the proper 4 wheel allignment, and try and find somewhere that uses the hunter system.
              The rears might not be adjustable on your car, but it means the current position of the rears (pot holes & age might have caused them to move since car was new) is taken into account and the fronts are set against any imperfections.
              Tell them to make sure steering wheel is locked or centered as well.


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                Rear of the focus has alot of adjustment so definitely go for 4 wheel