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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] little 8v problem

    Right so over easter I changed the engine in the girl friends, it runs good... but it seens to pop quite a lot compared to before but it has same exhaust etc on... so I just put that down to it been a different engine just needing to set its self up right, but today we have taken it on a, A road for the first time, it got to 55mph and on came the eml for about 30 seconds and it lost power... so out came the good old paper clip and code red 44 fuel mixture too lean. .. which seems strange as its all ways popping, so I was just wondering if anyone can point any light on how to fix the mixture? I was thinking lambda first? All plugs etc change before it went in


    1.6 8v spi by the way

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    Start with the most simple which could be an air leak mate.

    Too many pops can mean an engines running lean as well, due to more air causing the mixture to burn hotter (what I was taught anyway)
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      They will pop if they're lean, old old engines used to pop going downhill on a lean mix. Just a wee pop was what you wanted. But I digress - nostalgia isn't what it used to be....

      44 - exhaust gases lean - first thing to check is for air leaks on the intake or exhaust (the exhaust fools the lambda sensor, the intake just makes it lean to begin with). Given that it's worse at speed I'd check the intake for air leaks. Check also the MAP and the pipe running to it, make sure it isn't blocked or leaking.

      If there's no signs of any leaks then replace the lambda sensor itself, but usually it's a leak rather than the sensor.

      8v spi - you are a gent good sir.
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        Cheers guys I shall have a look over the weekend see if there's any pipes off or anything thanks


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          running the 1.6 spi unit?


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            what you mean 1.6 spi unit mate?


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              the injector unit that looks like a carb.


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                Yes mate