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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Corsa c Electrickery

    I bought my daughter a corsa c 1.4 16v (XC Barina in upside down land) I have a Corsa b and its bullit prof, so i thought it would be a good thing. About a month ago egn light came on P1120,P1122, P1550,P0136. I changed Gas pedal (1120,1122) Cleaned Throttle body (1550) and a new o2 Sensor (0136) I have also cleaned all of elec junctions with contact spray and EGR valve to no availe. The light went out after cleaning MAP Conetion but 40ks (30miles) later back to sqare one. It only happens after reaching operating temp and you come to a halt (trafic light) and as you go to move of it pings and shuters and then go's into limp mode. So to the Brains Trust i turn, any help would be cool
    Thanks David in Darwin

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    Hi David

    Welcome - recurrent P1120/1122 & 1550 can often be either wiring damage or an ECU problem. Are you able to test the wiring and check voltages at the pedal connection and throttle body? If it's an ECU issue you can sometimes spot it by one of the 5v feeds being dead.
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      Thanks mate Love the corsa prototype (code name Viva)

      I have had a look for dry joints in the wiring and also looked at the voltage at the pedal (only 1 terminal with 5V) I can’t get a hold of a diagram with test values here in oz. So I really am just guessing. Any idea of where I can get a download or cd so I can test properly Thanks much David in Darwin


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        I can't lay my hands on the wiring diagram at the moment, but very briefly there should be two 5v inputs to the pedal. Unfortunately it's too common for this to be down to a bad joint in the ECU. But check the connections on the ECU, a lot of C models had issues with damp getting into them so it's worth checking the connections and cleaning them.

        When I get time I'll try to lay hands on the schematics for the ECU pins so you can check which ones ought to be putting out the feeds.
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          Hi guys
          Still looking for a diagram and test values if any one can help?
          Ive done some investigation on ecu, some say as long as the numbers match c/o is ok, some say you must also change key,locks and clocks to match.
          On top of that if this issue (codes) are as commen as, this would rule out a s/h ecu from a brakers


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            Life is a bit crazy right now. I'm kicking myself as I went to pick up a batch of parts the other day and forgot to ask to look at the schematics.

            This might be of some help - [Corsa C] [00-06] - TPS / limp mode fault][Corsa C] [00-06] - TPS / limp mode fault | Vauxhall Owners Network Forum & Club - Insignia | Antara | Mokka | Adam | Ampera | Vectra | Astra | Corsa | Signum | Zafira | Meriva | Tigra | Agila | Vivaro | VXR[/url]
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