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Which clutch for 1.0 B

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Which clutch for 1.0 B

    Are all corsa clutches universal or are the more powerful (term used loosley) corsas fitted with a slightly different one, my 1.0B's clutch is on its way out and is making gear changing a little rougher but there are a lot of spares and repairs cars out there for the price of a new clutch kit and i was wondering if i could fit one say from a 1.2 and bag a whole car for parts aswell for the price

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    I dont know for sure about if all clutch fit the same but I doubt it, I imagen the 1.0 would have a diffrent flywheel as its a 3 cylinder.
    I also wouldn't buy a complete car to take the clutch out of, you never really know how much life is left on it, you would be pritty annoyed if it failed a couple of months after fitting.

    I would get a new known make clutch specific for your car


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      any recomendations?
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        Known makes, if you find a clutch your not sure off google the make, clutch is an important part, cheapest might not be cheaper in the long run


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          Clutch Kit LuK - 620 1473 00 for your car lowest prices - Engine compartment - Clutch systems - Clutch Kit - Clutch Kit - 620 1473 00
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            It is, thats why I wouldn't be fitting a second hand clutch


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              ah very smart! i guess i could always just buy the spares and repairs car as well and teach myself on that one and save the labour (eventually), sounds complicated though
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                3 pot uses its own clutch noting is the same. clutch isnt hard.

                jack up and support car
                remove wheels, and lh arch liner
                remove driveshafts
                remove arb
                mark and undo gearlinkage
                undo clutch cable\
                remove drain plug/ diff plate and drain oil. 2 litres comes out. refit drain plug/ diff plate with new gasket.
                support engine underneath with a decent trolley jack
                undo rear engine mount and front gearbox mount
                lower jack gently.
                have a mate help here:
                remove bellhousing bolts working from bottom to top, leaving one in but finger tight.
                get mate to support gearbox and remove last bolt.
                slide box back off clutch
                lower to floor and remove.

                fit clutch. pay attention to align it correctly.

                rebuild in reverse of above.

                note, car needs to be up high enough to get box out, 2 ft is usually enough.

                if your stuck, buy the haynes book of lies and read the clutch/ gearbag section .