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Corsa C ticking noise

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Corsa C ticking noise


    My son has just bought a 2001 Corsa Club 1.0L with 3 cyl petrol engine. It makes a sort of clicking ticking tappety noise from the engine when running, but otherwise runs well. Timing chain was changed during service in January, we have receipts. Mileage is now 79000.

    Seller (garage) says this is normal for these 3 cyl engines, is this correct ?

    Car has silver level warranty for 3 months so if anything major we need to get it sorted now.


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    Both my corsas were tappy when they needed a oil and filter change. A few oil changes with motorway running and an engine oil treatment sorted it for both. They can get tappy when chain is due.

    Where the noise comes from if possible may help.
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      They do tend to be rather tappy engines. Do you know if the timing chain used was the genuine GM one or an aftermarket? Many of the aftermarkets aren't brilliant quality and get noisy very quickly after fitting. They are particularly noisy on idle.

      The thing is we can't hear the engine so it's difficult to know if the noise you are hearing is normal or excessive. If you put your location there may be someone close who can listen to it for you. Video clips sometimes help, but with engine noises you really need to be there to really know where noises are coming from.
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        Originally posted by Taurus View Post
        If you put your location there may be someone close who can listen to it for you.


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