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Coolant Temp Sensor & EGR X14XE

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Coolant Temp Sensor & EGR X14XE

    Corsa B 1.4 X14XE Engine.

    Can someone please direct me where to look to find the coolant temperature sensors on this engine. At first glance they are not immediately obvious to me. I am assuming there are a couple - one to feed the temperature to the guage on the dash and another to feed temperature to the ecu or am I mistaken?

    The car packed up a week ago and the fault codes said the egr was stuck open. I changed the egr for a new one and it then ran fine .... for a week. Fault code again says the egr. So either the new egr was duff (Delphi from Eurocarparts) or something else in the control circuitry is playing up. I note from the wiring diagram in Haynes that the CTS is directly connected to the egr potentiometer - hence my request to locate the CTS.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    It's on the thermostat housing.

    Delphi stuff is usually OK, but it's possible to get a dud of course.
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      Originally posted by Taurus View Post
      It's on the thermostat housing.

      Delphi stuff is usually OK, but it's possible to get a dud of course.
      Thanks Taurus. Is there just the one on the X14XE ? - as the X12XE I also look after has two. One on the water pump feeds the ECU, and the other on the other side of the head near to the egr feeds the temp gauge on the dash (not counting the one in the rad which triggers the fan)


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        Update for anyone interested.
        All wiring was checked out. Small break in insulation on common 5v supply to EGR potentiometer circiut (black/white wire) but continuity back to ECU was Ok on all. Wiring insulation now repaired.
        Removed the "new" delphi egr to find the valve stuck open! The egr itself was not coked up (it had only done a few hundred miles) but some other discrete lumps of carbon had got stuck in there!!!
        Not sure where these came from. Can only guess at them being carbon deposites having come loose from the valves or elsewhere in the exhaust side of the head. Sounds like it might need a de-coke, but don't really fancy taking the head off as all is nicely sealed.

        Am a bit surprised that so much carbon build up would be present in modern engines with current fules and oils.

        Just reread vegas' thread on X14XE Stinks - reminded me that the carbon cannister in my fuel vent system had blown bits of black carbon right through the pipework to the vent regulator valve - or whatever it is called. This valve then feeds through to the induction plenum. Could carbon from the fuel vent cannister have got right through to the egr? - cos the bits of carbon I shook out looked just like the bits from the cannister.
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