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EML problem when driving

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] EML problem when driving

    hello all

    i have a corsa 1.2 sxi 1999 petral, the car drives fine but every so often the EML come on for like 3-5 seconds and then goes off. i drove the car 15 miles and it came on about 7-8 times for a few seconds, so i have used the opcom reader to see what the fault.

    Total number of fault codes: 3

    P0505 - Idle Air Control Voltage Low
    (02) - Not present

    P0505 - Idle Air Control Voltage High
    (01) - Not present

    P0130 - O2 Sensor Circuit Voltage Low
    (02) - Not present

    and to day the oil light keep like giving me a dull flashing some time now but the oil is just above the max line

    any help to what i need to do to fix this would be great.

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    Replace idle control valve and lambda sensor, that should solve your problem.


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      I'd check your wiring loom to make sure there isn't anything damaged or loose. Random or intermittent faults can be bad wiring. I'd also check your oil filter, make sure it isn't clogged or beginning to break up. And the oil pressure switch and wire.
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        i have checked the wiring and found the oil sensor had gone when i took the loom plug out it was flowing oil out of the sensor - could the other faults be from the air mass sensor or is it just the ICV and lamba sensor ???


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          ICV could simply need cleaning, including the throttle body port.

          Lambda sensor - it's a feedback system so O2 faults aren't always the Lambda sensor itself. Best thing to do is to use opcom to read the live engine data details. You need to spend a bit of time watching the readouts to catch what is going on, especially if the faults are intermittent. Check the Lambda is cycling between lean/rich evenly. Watch the voltage figures for the ICV, you might spot a glitch, or something not registering when it should.
          1972 Viva restoration thread -