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1.8 16v SXI steering wheel replacement

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] 1.8 16v SXI steering wheel replacement

    I'd like to replace the standard steering wheel with an aftermarket sports wheel

    I'm after any tips for taking the old one off, dealing with the air bag etc?

    Also, once the air bag has gone, will I have trouble with warning lights for the MOT? and the fact that it no longer has the air bag!!?!

    thank you

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    Yep, no airbag is an MOT fail for any car that originally had an airbag.
    Removing its easy though. Just discontent the battery for a while then undo the screws on the back and unplug it. Then there's a big nut behind it to take the wheel off.


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      Thank you, so is there any way around the MOT failure? Or do you have to refit the old steering wheel etc for the MOT!?


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        The only loophole I'm aware of is that you don't have to have it if your car is something along the lines of "modified for a specific purpose"
        Would only apply to a disability converted car or at a stretch a highly modified track car. I doubt a corsa with a few mods would cut it.