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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Cool Running Stat?

    I know there's a lot of speculation over cool running stats but with my engine I have no sensors like CTS etc that a cool running stat could interfere with, just spark and fuel.

    I've noticed the engine feels more responsive and smoother around the mid 80 degrees before it warms up and stays at 92 degrees. I've been looking at the cool 82 degree stats thinking this should help?

    My only worry is will the oil still warm up to the sufficient temperatures? And on a longer motorway journey will the temperature sit too low for the higher revs?

    Any advice taken

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    Sounds like the carbs or ignition timing need to be tweaked, rather than constantly overcooling the engine a little.
    I guess a cool running stat might be a way around it, but sounds like a bit of a bodge to me. I'd only consider fitting one if my engine was always running too hot and there were no faults in the cooling system.


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        Carbs never run smoothly from my experience with them on bikes. There's no ECU to control the fueling on the fly (well maybe spark ingition for yours)
        On my old GS500 twin carb i put a K&N filter on it and aftermarket exhaust. Changed jets in the cabrs as well. When it was cold, it ran like a dog but when it was warm it was fine. Used to get a delay if crusing then opening the throttle right up and had to feed it for a second for the engine to pick up then full throttle (would flood with fuel otherwise)

        I'd get rid of those filters on the carbs personally though and just put some tights or similar over them. They might be strangling the car of air at certain temps.
        Do you have an internal choke set up? I remember my friends old Escort from years ago had one and you could keep it open at different positions whilst driving and adjust it on the fly. Once the Escort and my bike had fully heated up though there were no issues.

        Hot air is less dense than cold air as well so the carbs would need different fueling for when it's cold and warm. I'd get them set up for when the stat is normal around 92, manual choke set up somehow and go from there. If an engine is running lean or rich as well that might mess up the engine temps.


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              I used a cool running stat with my bodies and had no issues, just kept the temp down, 10 degrees is hardly enough to cause any damage.


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                Originally posted by Matthew View Post
                I used a cool running stat with my bodies and had no issues, just kept the temp down, 10 degrees is hardly enough to cause any damage.
                What engine/setup did you have? That's all I was thinking, my coolant system works fine just gets hot under the bonnet and engines prefer cooler environments.

                Did the stat ever effect heaters etc?


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                  The stat never effected the heaters, it just allows the water to enter the radiator at a lower temperature. I had dbilas tb's on a 1.6 sport. Should be on all corsa somewhere. I don't know if they migrated it to this site or not.