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Car not starting!

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Car not starting!

    I wonder if you guys can help at all.

    My dad moved my car mid Feb and it was fine. I got home hopped in to move it. It turned over and seemingly is not firing.
    Since I have had 3 different friends look at it and my dad and no one can get it started.

    Put diagnosis on it which has read a crack position sensor P0335
    Just about to check relays
    Changed crack sensor
    Changed coil pack
    Changed spark plugs
    Checked fuel is getting through
    Checked main fuse box (is there a secondary one)
    Tried the applying pressure to the dash? Not sure if we did this right??
    Tried bump starting it. Nothing.
    Battery is working fine

    Any other ideas please!!

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    Which model/year/engine?

    You can get P0335 (Crank Position Sensor) simply due to the engine not turning. If fuel is being delivered to the rail then the crank sensor is fine. And that could be an old code unless you cleared the codes and tried again.

    Also, if it's been stood for a while sometimes modern fuel can cause problems. I've known a few times when just a gallon of fresh fuel does the trick. Not often to be honest, but it depends how long it's been stood for and how old the fuel is in it.

    Check that the plugs are wet with fuel as well. If you get fuel to the rail but the plugs are dry then it could be the fuel injector relay is sticking.

    More information will help provide better guesses!
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      It's a corsa C 1 litre life 3 cylinder.
      We have cleared the codes and now got the code with the reader and the pedals!
      It had a gallon of fresh fuel about 2 weeks ago. Do you think it's worth doing it again?
      We have a slight issue getting in to the plugs as we don't have the piece of kit to get in and have to keep borrowing it off a friend!


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        If it had fresh fuel 2 weeks ago then it's unlikely that it's old fuel that is the problem.

        Looking at the crankshaft sensor first, a common failure on these, it would unlucky to have two dud sensors but worth checking thoroughly. As above, P0335 can point to a dead crankshaft sensor, or it can mean the ECU has spotted the engine isn't turning, it isn't a foolproof system. You need to check the fuel supply to the rail to make sure. The system, is designed to run a priming burst when you turn the key to No.2 position but before cranking. You ought to hear the relay click and the fuel pump run briefly. Check for fuel pressure at the rail to make sure. Petrol ought to spray out so be careful. Then when you crank the engine the crankshaft sensor tells the ECU that the engine is turning so it activates the fuel pump relay, so make sure you've got pressure both before and after cranking.

        Next - we need to know fuel is getting from the rail into the cylinders - so you need to remove the plugs (invest in a plug socket) and check they are wet after cranking. If there is fuel at the rail but the plugs are dry after cranking that can be the fuel injector relay that is sticking.

        Then sparks - it's fiddly to earth a spark plug on a coilpack engine but can be done. Using HT extension leads can be done.

        Things to bear in mind - you said you put pressure on the dash, do you mean the instrument cluster? There is a common fault on the C which results in bad connection behind the instrument cluster, that can lead to non-starting. Either a firm push can make a temporary fix, or take it apart and relocate it firmly.

        You said it had a gallon of fresh fuel two weeks ago - has it run since that fuel was added? ie - any chance that fuel was contaminated?

        Check the ECU isn't damp, another common issue with the C, some WD40 in the connectors can help.

        Also, make the sure the battery is fully charged. The ignition system on them is demanding, I've known them crank over fine but refuse to fire if the battery voltage is slightly low. If you've got a multimeter check the battery voltage at rest, it ought to be at least 12.5v.

        There are multitude of possibilities, it's just a case of working them systematically.
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          Yes pressure to instrument cluster.
          Car has not started since 16th Feb so no not ran since.

          We have popped old crank sensor back on. It was def sparking and trying to fire but now we are back to the old starting noise.
          Also we now have no fault code!!!!
          Going to go and grab plug socket of mate now.

          Baffled now!


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              Unusual for a guide to break like that - thanks for the update. Glad it's sorted.
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                That's alright