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1.7 cdti breather putting oil out

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] 1.7 cdti breather putting oil out

    Hi everyone,

    Love this forum, first post but everyone seems lovely and great help and posts on here
    Anyway, I have a 1.7 cdti Sri. The problem is that oil comes out of the rocker cover overflow, this then runs down the inlet pipe and causes oil build up in the turbo and just makes a mess of the turbo as can be seen in the photo (hard to see but builds up on the actuator)
    I replaced the turbo for a recon one so know that's not the issue. Click image for larger version

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    I have read that the wrong oil can cause it to build up but I don't think that's the issue as I know it's been doing it a while because it had it noted on old mot.
    Any information would be super.
    Thank you

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    It would be helpful to know the mileage and service history. A worn engine can allow combustion pressure to pass the piston rings which causes the crankcase pressure to rise forcing oil out into the vent.

    I assume you've checked the oil level, if diesel gets into the sump (again due to wear) the oil level can rise above it's maximum level which has a similar effect.

    Make sure the crankcase venting system is clear and there are no worn pipes, kinks or collapsed pipes (they can collapse internally). Again, if the crankcase can't vent properly you'll get this problem.
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      It's got 114k I did wonder that. But I check I read online was to put my hand over the breather cap and see of it's got pressure and it didn't.
      Oil level is fine I just serviced it, a and I think it has full service history being serviced every 10k
      I've had allot of people say that but I'm not sure where to look for the breathers ? Thanks


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        Does anyone know where the breather pipes are so I can check if they are blocked ?