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x14e idle screw adjustment

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] x14e idle screw adjustment

    Need to adjust my idle up some on my car as when the engine is warmed up and i go to stop it idles to low then shuts off on me unless i keep it higher. Was just gonna raise the idle up on it a few 100 rpm to hopefully solve this so was wondering if anyone knew where the adjustment screw is on an x14xe. Or if its an issue with the idle control sensor or something like that.

    Any ideas anyone?

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    It's done via the idle control valve. Try giving it a clean, and also the throttle body first of all.
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      i'll have to give it a check, slammed into a curb recently and might of given it a jarring, going to pick up a new car tomorrow but gonna try and get this one in running order anwyay so my wife can take the kids back and forth to school