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water in headlight

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  • [All Models] water in headlight

    I have water in the offside headlight it looks like condensation will it dry out?
    thanks, texteditor

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    Eventually, yes. It got in there so given the chance it will dry out
    The issue is more about stopping it.


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      Which model? and a photo will help.

      Slight misting inside some of the later headlamps with a clear screen over the front is common when they aren't used for a while. Generally once used frequently enough the misting disappears.

      Water droplets being present suggests a greater level of moisture which tends not to dry out of its own accord. You can put them in a warm dry place for a good period and them try to seal them - various products work, it depends on the type of light. Sometimes you need to drill a drain into the casing if you can't stop water getting in there. That way when the lights are on and hot the water evaporates out. Otherwise it just stays trapped inside the light unit.
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        You know the little silicone things that come in shoes and stuff. Stick one of them inside the rubber seal.

        But yeah, ideally you want to find the cause. Probably a seal missing on the back, or a crack in the glass. If it's the glass, mine was siliconed up without any issues for 2 years.