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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] head gasket change

    hi peeps im andy and new to this site ,if possible need to know the torque settings for the head gasket on a 1997 corsa 1.2 ls and also do i need new head bolts as well ?also do i need to change the rocker gasket as well ? thanks in advance andy

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    Welcome andy!

    Personaly when i do a head gasket i like to do a number of things. I always get the head skimmed for the sake or 20 30 quid at your local machine shop its well worth doing. Seeing as the cambelt has to come off i would replace that aswell. Again. For the sake of 30 quid ot saves risking smashing your newly fitted head 10 miles down the road. Lastly depending on the millage on the engine it may be worth a quick lap of the valves. ALWAYS use new head bolts as they are the stretch type and if you get a head gasket kit it will have all the gaskets you need for the head inc inlet/outlet/rocker seal ect. As for the touqe settings i dont know of the top of my head but get yourself a haynes manual from halfords its all in there plus every other manatince info you need.
    Hope this helps
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      8v engine SOHC headbolts are an initial torque of 25Nm, then 60 degrees, then 60 degrees, then 60 degrees. Start with one of the middle bolts, then its opposite number, and work in a spiral pattern outwards.

      As above - the best advice is to use new head bolts and gaskets. I have rebuilt 8v engines using the old bolts and had no problem, but only when it was financially necessary to do the job on a shoestring.
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        thanks a lot guys very valuable information , nice one will take that advice !