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corsa 1.5td intercooler problems

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] corsa 1.5td intercooler problems

    right.. I have a 1.5td corsa b with following mods-
    white ring mod
    upped fueling
    straight through exhaust
    upped boost 1.2 bar
    air filter

    so I purchased a intercooler for it, it was an intercooler from a corsa D cdti, saw it listed as spares on ebay, and thought bargin.

    so it came and I started fitting it, located my air filter to the side of the turbo and cut the metal pipe in half that goes from the bottom half of the inlet to the top of the turbo and connected the intercooler pipes to each side of the piping, how ive seen others do..

    took it on road test and it was only boosting to around 0.7 bar and was droping off boost at around 3000rpm.

    I took the car back into my garage and sprayed break cleaner on the pip connections to see if would rev up and show any leaks, but no leaks..

    sounds like my turbo isn't building up enough pressure ?

    any help please

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    It screams boost leak to me tbh... I know you say you've checked for leaks etc but it really does sound like its leaking boost under pressure.
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      You would only find the boost leaks when it's under load and the turbo is at full boost.
      Revving it in neutral won't generate enough boost to find any leaks.
      The intercooler itself might have a leak somewhere as well not near a joint or piping.


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        correct it does loose boost under load, I was also wondering if it could be my boost controller? but I will find out how to test my intercooler for a leak.. could do with some help, I may work on cars for a living but I've never fitted an intercooler haha


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          Smoke test?


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            get a bike inner tube, cut it in half, jubilee clip one end onto the inlet of the i/c, the other end to the outlet.

            pump 30psi into it

            dunk in water, look for bubbles.


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