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x14xe into 98 corsa b with type 1 chassis.

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] x14xe into 98 corsa b with type 1 chassis.

    Hi guys i'm nearly ready to drop my engine into my car however i've came across a problem. I've a type 1 chassis and not a type 2 and i don't have a clue what engine mount i need for the drivers side? At the moment i'm pretty sure the drivers side of mine has a 1.2/1.4 8v engine mount. It looks like this:

    And my engine mount point in the chassis leg looks like this:

    From my understanding most corsa b and tigras with x14xe engines fitted are type 2 chassis as they have the four bolts in the side rather than the two on top. Is there another mount i can use to fit the engine that would fit my type 1 chassis?


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    By type 1 chassis do you mean pre97 or something?


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      No mate, its a 98 shell, but had a 1.2 8v engine fitted as standard. I can't find any decent pictures of what i'm trying to explain so i'll get some tomarrow as i've both shells here, ones for breaking and the other is my project. But in a nutshell the type 1 and 2 shells both have different mounting points on the front drivers side chassis leg. In a type 1 shell the engine mount bolts using two bolts onto a bracket welded to the chassis leg whereas in a type 2 shell the engine mount bolts directly onto and slightly inside the chassis leg with 4 bolts lol.


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        Ahh I see, know exactly what you mean now. Unfortunately I can't give any useful input! Good luck mate


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            Would a mount for a 2.0 8v work? Seems like it would looking at pictures of it?