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Corsa 2002! Potential clutch gone? air flow filter?

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  • [All Models] Corsa 2002! Potential clutch gone? air flow filter?

    Basically my car has been driving like a dream.

    Suddenly today I started driving home and my car wouldn't pick up past 30-50mph

    When coming to a junction to a stop, my car cut out. I had to start it again and rev it a little high to stop it from cutting out.

    Any ideas?

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    I would say that sounds more like its in a forma of limp mode (or just very broken), if the clutch was slipping that wouldn't cause it to cut out at junctions etc.. And also you'd smell it if it was slipping that much you couldnt get above 50mph. Are you from the UK? If so I'm assuming this is a Corsa C. You can do a pedal test to see if the ECU has stored any error codes relating to the engine sensors etc. Thats probably your best bet at this stage.
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      Which engine? There is very little info there. Any sign of the engine management light coming on?

      Could be sensor down, could be slipped timing, could be a blockage in the fuel system. So reałly need more details.
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