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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Engine light turned on

    Hi, my 1.0 corsa engine light has came on after I drove it a little hard. Could this be temporary?

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    Welcome to the forum. What year and cc is the Corsa? Will help us suggest possible faults.
    is the EML light still on, if so can you read the fault code? Cheap scan tools are available.
    yes driving hard could have thrown a fault code for a millie second, where a sensor just went out of its limits. And could be fine now. You could just disconnect the battery for 20mins and see if that clears the EML.
    EML ( engine Management light)


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      Hi, the warning light has now gone off but it’s a 1.0 2011 corsa with 80,000 miles. Thanks for replying.


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        Are you sure it was the engine management light? I've had cars flash up a light before that turned out to be the handbrake light due to low brake fluid and when driving 'harder' it's easy to miss exactly which light flashed up.


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          Hi, yea It was definitely the EML and it has just came back on while I was idling.


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            If you can read the the fault codes as Restorer suggests, let us know what shows up, we may then be in a position to give you more accurate advice.