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1.3 cdti won’t start following ecu cloned

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  • 1.3 cdti won’t start following ecu cloned

    Corsa D 1.3 cdti won’t start. I had the common water ingress into ECU. The company couldn’t repair so cloned my old ecu onto replacement unit. I fitted cloned ecu, car turns over but won’t doesn’t fire. Guy who cloned the ecu said must be immobiliser needs reprogramming. I’ve plugged into diagnostic software and says the immobiliser is programmed ok and has correct security code. It’s coming up with 2 fault codes:
    P0095-05 charge air temperature sensor high input
    P0001-06 fuel metering solenoid valve circuit low voltage

    the car ran perfectly before ecu water damage so is this indication clone wasn’t successful or are these genuine faults that occurred whilst the car standing while waiting for replacement ecu?

    any help would be very much appreciated as the repair costs (I had a new clutch and service just before ecu failed) are getting beyond the cars value. It’s a great car and far to good to scrap.

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    Hi, I can't add any more help, than what I suggested. When you posted this on the 26/9/21.
    hopefully others my be able to help.


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      Original thread: Corsa cdti starting problem following ecu repair - Forums

      I'll close this one as not worth having 2 for the same issue.