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Corsa 19 plate - ticking and tapping noises

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  • [Corsa F 2019-present] Corsa 19 plate - ticking and tapping noises

    Hi, everyone! I have a Vauxhall Corsa, 19 plate. Noticed recently that there is a ticking noise when I accelerate in first and second gears only. This noise can only be heard with windows down and when I drive in narrow streets, where I can hear cat noises echoing from building walls. When accelerating on gears 3, 4 and 5, that noise isn’t heard.

    The other question is that recently I stated heading relatively loud tapping noise when moving off from a cold start (again only in gears 1 and 2). This only happens first thing on the morning and goes away after a few minutes. If I drive in gears 1 and 2 again later on in the day, I can’t hear that tapping noise (as this second noise only happens when I start the car form cold).

    Anyone had the same experience or knows what it is?
    Thank you!

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    Hi welcome to the forum

    Its quite hard to diagnose noises. But a few more questions might help. Cars tend to be noisier in colder weather until the oil warms up and circulates better. Did you own the car last winter, or only comparing it with summer use?

    What size engine and how many miles has it done? When was it last serviced ? Is the oil level ok and does the oil showing on the dipstick look in good condition?

    Are you sure a good quality oil filter and the correct 5w30 or 5w40 grade of oil was used. ? 5w30 oil performs a bit better than 5w40 in cold weather but its not worth changing it for that reason alone. But if there are any doubts about the quality of servicing or if its due soon its best to the oil and filter changed.

    Others may have other suggestions.


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      Hi and thank you for the quick reply. I’ve had the car for the last two and a half years, since March 2019; got it brand new. so, I’ve had it for two winters now and this is the first time I hear these noises.
      The engine is 1.4 and it has done 33.000 miles on the clock.
      servicing is done by the car dealer and the next service is due in February. They change oil and do health checks. Last health check was done in July.


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        In that case I am at a loss what to suggest. Your car has been professionally serviced from new and has a reasonably low mileage done at an average annual rate .

        If the car had been working under hostile conditions, such as only ever doing short journeys on a cold engine where the oil never gets to warm up and circulate properly you might start to get problems at this mileage due to lubrication issues . Such as a noisy timing chain. But I wouldnt have expected it yet on your engine . Keep watching this space. Someone may know different or have better suggestions.

        If not it may be a good idea to have an mechanic with experience of this engine to at least have a listen rather than wait until the next service. He or she might recognise the source immediately.


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          Thank you for the speedy reply! I will get it checked out.


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            Being a 2019 model I expect it's still in warranty - it might be worth speaking with a Vauxhall dealer to be investigated and save yourself the hassle of diagnosing it


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              Thank you! I think I will need to give the car dealership a call.