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Corsa cdti starting problem following ecu repair

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa cdti starting problem following ecu repair

    Corsa D 1.3 CDTI starting problem.

    New member so firstly thanks to admin for accepting my request to join.

    I have a 59 plate corsa 1.3 cdti. It suffered the usual waterlogged ecu so had it repaired / cloned by a dreadful company with awful service and virtually zero communication. Ecu came back supposedly repaired but when installed everything appears to work but car won’t start. The guy that “repaired” the ecu for £350 is claiming the immobiliser will have been triggered during the clone and I have to have it reprogrammed. However, when I spoke to another more professional company they said if the car is turning over then it can’t be immobiliser. Anyone had any experience of this or thoughts please?
    It’s a really good clean car, 75k miles, new clutch only 500 miles ago so too good to scrap but I’m reluctant to keep spending on “experts” without some idea of cause.


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    Hi Welcome to the forum. I've picked up on the word cloned. In your sentence. Cloned means you haven't received your original ECU Repair back. Perhaps because it was too burned out on the circuit board. If you would of had your original repaired. It would of been a straight plug back in.
    who told you that the car would not turn over is wrong. It will always turn over with a ECU Fitted but will not start if it's not programmed to the car.
    as yours is now. So now you are going to need someone with Op-Com to program the clone ECU to the car. You will also need the security code of the car, to do any programming.
    hope is helps you.


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      Thank you that is very helpful. It was originally sent for repair but they said they couldn’t repair and charged me extra to clone onto another unit. They did say it would still be plug and play but now they say it has to be programmed. Everything now works like lights, radio etc. No warning lights on dash or anything and it turns over like normal but doesn’t start.

      Any idea what reprogramming costs and who might be able to do it? I’m in Berkshire and all garages I’ve asked said only Vauxhall dealers but I’m guessing that’s a second mortgage job with them.

      thanks again for your reply, much appreciated


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        Yes the main dealers will be expensive. Might be worth a phone call though. And asked how much to program the ECU. Or search the internet. And see if anyone in your area has OP-Com, this is the software, the same as Vauxhall use. You can buy Op-Com software on Ebay. And there are YouTube videos. But as a said you will need the security code of the vehicle.


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          Thanks again Restorer, appreciate the advice.